Database Systems
Data is one of your organisation's most valuable asset

Most organisations have databases containing employee information, product inventory, customer orders, and other data. Whilst disseminating this data within an organisation through desktop systems is always important, there are excellent benefits to be had from publishing select data via the Internet through a Web server.

For instance, there are no geographical limitations. Salesmen in the field, employees in separate offices, and anyone else who is given permission can use the same pool of information. All they need is a Web browser and an Internet connection.
Open up databases securely to key customers through the web

While access to corporate information can be one huge benefit of a Web-enabled database, there can be even bigger advantages. The ability of Web servers to communicate with databases opens up an incredible array of possibilities. You can store e-commerce orders, customer information, user preferences, and discussion board postings. You can keep Web site content in a database, separating the content of your site from the layout and formatting.

This separation allows you to use one data-driven product information Web page to display every product in your inventory. Even if you sell 1,000 different products, you can use the same page to display every one of them. The layout and formatting remain the same, but the content of the page is derived from the database for each different product. This system takes the emphasis away from managing the site itself and allows a business to focus on content. Other benefits include searching, filtering and reporting facilities.

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